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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Leveraging on internet for your business!

Internet is more than important to any business in more ways than one. A website, can be started  on a limited budget, but  needs to stand out. Put some interesting and interactive features. And then, start marketing your website on the internet. Some tips to get the most at a least cost:

To leverage the power of the internet to help build profits, save money and operate more efficiently, have a website and market it to the world, on the net. Businesses just starting out have an edge in this regard because they can use these features from day one.

TV, radio, and print ad days have gone by. The “in” thing right now is internet marketing particularly the social media marketing. Why? The reason is that most people are glued to their computer or hand held devices like mobile phone, notebooks, palm tops etc,  that have access to the internet.
All businesses must work harder to adopt what the web has to offer Period. No two ways about it.  Here's my business advice on a few things you can do to leverage the web for your business:
  1. Make your website more interactive. Add feedback forms, surveys, guest books, auto responders, down loadable documents and opt for a regular newsletter or e brochure or e mailer. Check out some such samples at:
  2. Online marketing is surely the in thing. Add a simple shopping cart feature to your website and start taking orders online.
  3. Have a small back office application for billing and customer management. Submit invoices by e-mail. Have a centralized database of your customers. Keep the customers in the loop for promoting your business…regularly and often.  
  4. Research your competition. The web offers tremendous potential for researching your markets and competitors. start using a few top resources like for general business research.
  5. Get proactive about ATTRACTING visitors to your site. Make sure your website is listed in search engines and get more out of your listings.
  6. Add interesting and timely content to your site. Updating your site frequently and regularly is important. Relate it to the maintenance of your shop, window dressing etc., The more attractive your site is in terms of interesting content, more visitors, it will get.This is something you may need to do yourself. Consider hiring a freelance writer to produce original news, features and how-to articles for your site that are related to your small business. Putting fresh content up monthly could cost as little as a few hundred rupees.
The Bottom Line:
The internet isn't a "separate" technology any more - today it's an integrated part of business. And the opportunities the web presents for most businesses are truly extraordinary. So whether you're just starting out or years into the life of your  business, my advice is that now's the time to put the web to work for you!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Technology for all....Complete IT training Solutions.

Arete introduces – Technology for all(TFA). Arete’s TFA is launched with the intention to empower one and all with the latest in technology. At TFA, We offer computer courses for adults, seniors, teenagers, and children, which include comprehensive training from basic to advanced computer skills. Our goal is to teach you what you need to know, using patient, experienced and friendly instructors. Not only that, TFA also offers long term coaching for helping students with their ‘computer application’ subject offered at school.

Our basic to advanced computer training curriculum's are geared for those new to the computer as well as for those who wish to improve existing computer skills and to acquire skills for employment or specialized tasks. Computer Training subjects include: Computer basic class, Internet and Email, Web Design, Tally, digital cameras, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Photo shop, Illustrator, Web Programming and more.
For individuals seeking advanced instruction, we provide computer training courses in web design, Excel for Finance, database design, and software programming.

Our Courses

Awareness Courses
  • Basic Microsoft word
  • Basic Excel
  • Basic PowerPoint
  • Basic Tally
  • Basic Social Networking Media

What’s Popular
  • Social media marketing
  • Designer Basics
  • Photo shoots, editing and tricks (yes its all about photography)
  • Tech Gadgets (high end phones, tablet pc’s ipads, tech gizmos and more)
  • Hardware basics and trouble shooting

Group courses
  • Small/Home Business course (MS word, PowerPoint, excel, publisher, basics of Photoshop, Tally, Microsoft Outlook, Social Media Networking)
  • Designer (Basics of Photoshop, Illustrator, Coral Draw)
  • Photographer’s special ( Photo shooting, tips and tricks, Portfolio making software, Publishing on Internet, Blogging your photo profile, Photo editing in photoshop)
  • Housewives special (Basic MS office, Internet, Email, File saving and organizing, Basic Hardware setup and trouble shooting, Tech gadgets)
  • Students (MS word, PowerPoint, excel, publisher, basics of Photoshop, plus school work’s)
  • Teenagers (Basics of Photoshop, Illustrator, Coral Draw, HTML, Creating web pages)
  • Kids (Basics of computer, online games and studies)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Product photography - a value added service for IT solutions at Arete!

Nature Photography
Arete as part of its services caters to the website development and design solutions. What sets us apart is that right from shooting a portfolio of your company including the product photography, event coverage, corporate shoots, we cover everything.

Sourabh Das, Senior Developer at Arete is also an ameture photographer and has been associated with Arete Technologies since the last two years. Sourbah has an eye for detail and he just doesn’t seek solutions but finds the solution for your need with a heart!.

Spot Photography
In his words” Great photography demands not just the ability to see new things but to see things with new eyes. One of the joys of photography is that you are just unaware of the magic that awaits you in the next moment. So I have to keep my eyes open always and look for beauty in everything”
From industrial photography to consumer products, to manufacturing units, to exhibitions to portfolio shoots to food and architecture Arete has a solution.

If you are looking for product photographer in Mumbai/ Navi Mumbai then you have just reached the right place. Have a look at Sourbah’s photo shoot here:
Product photography
 We can arrange photo shoots of   your products for catalogues, brochures, websites, packing material, print ads, hoardings etc. You’re probably here because you sell, promote, or manufacture products, and need professional product photography to make your products look their very best.
Product photography
Though it looks simple, but product photography is an art and requires a professional product photographer to click the objects in their true and beautiful form. It requires costly and specialized lenses and equipment apart from the creativity. Plus the work of designers to edit the photo’s to your requirement. Not only a great photographer, but certified designers, experienced developers and expert visionaries work to create the right solution for you.
Remember, great product photography increases sales and lends professionalism and credibility to products and the people selling them.
Reach us at or call +91 22 27814155 for a complete solution.

Arete Celebrates its Annual 6th Incorporation Day!

Arete celebrated its Annual 6th incorporation ceremony on 16th april 2011 at Kstars hotel belapur. Arete’s clients, Staff, ex aretians  and the guest of honour Shi Mohiuddin jeddy joined together on the occasion to celebrate.

The event started with honoring the guest of honour Shri Mohiuddin Jeddy. Managing director, Mrs. Padmaja Duvvuri  honored him with a bouquet and a memento. Thereafter, the event was declared open with the lightening of the lamp followed by the national anthem.

The hosts Ms Roma and Prasanna, spoke about Arete’s journey so far. Mrs Padmaja Duvvuri then gave a presentation to the audience describing the Arete’s future and what Arete plans for its client in future. At this stage, the new logo and website of Arete technologies was unveiled.

The staff recognition ceremony followed the presentation. The award winners are as follows:
  • Best Debutant: Ms Roma Purswani
  • Best in technical category: Ms. Nazneen Rajguru
  • Best in marketing department: Mr. Khuzema Hirani
  • Asset of Arete (The ABCD award – above and beyond the call of duty): MRs Dipti Vyas Mahajan
  • Aretian of the Year 2010-2011: Ms Nazneen Rajguru.
Certificates were then given out recognizing the support extended by the Aretian family members.
And then, the surprise element. The clients were assessed based upon the following parameters:
Association with Arete, loyalty, Mutual respect towards each other, dedication towards the project execution, implementation and use of the product.

And the best client nominations are:
  • M/s Utkarsha Energy – solar power consultants
  • M/s Instotech – Instrument  Calibrations
  • M/s Surabhi India – The cultural promoters
  • M/s Yuvasurya – Children’s health care clinic.
  • M/s K star hotels – Hotel and restaurants
  • M/s Lalit saw pipes – Manufacturers of carbon steel and alloy steel pipes.
M/s Utkarsha Energy and M/s Instotech were declared the winners while M/s  K stars was declared the runner up.  The association with these winners with Arete dates back to 6 long years ago and Arete is proud to be still associated with them for their IT solutions. 
And then we were entertained with some music, songs and dances. People shared their experiences with Arete and had networking over dinner.

The event winded up with cake cutting.

What's About Arete?

Arete is a one stop shop solution for all your technology requirements, providing high quality solutions in the fields of information technology.

Built with a vison to be a respected corporation that provides best-of-breed business solutions, leveraging state-of-the art technology, delivered by best-in-class employees.

Arete in its basic sense, means excellence of any kind. Translated as "virtue", the word actually means something closer to "being the best you can be", or "reaching your highest human potential".
Winner of Gold, Diamond and Platinum crown Awards since last 3 consecutive years for commitment to quality by BID, Arete aims not just for customer satisfaction but for customer delight. We religiously follow our motto "Plan your work, work your plan" for a systematic and efficient execution.

Customized application development, Web site design, development, maintenance, SEO, internet marketing, Multimedia designing like corporate profiles, brochures, e brochures, logo design, product catalogues. We also provide value added solutions like content writing, product photography, Hosting, HW maintenance, and Business consultation.
We can be contacted at Tel: +91-22-27814155.

for more information visit: